Conference – Shamanism and Eco-cosmology (2017)

Shamanism and Eco-cosmology – A cross-cultural perspective

Organised & Conceptualised
Stefano Beggiora, Ca’Foscari University, Venice
Diana Riboli, Panteio University, Athens
Lidia Guzy, Marginalised & Endangered Worldviews Study Centre, University College Cork, Cork
Davide Torri, Heidelberg University, Heidelberg

Date: 27 & 28th April 2017

Location: Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, Conference Room, DESKOI Building,
Lagoumitzi and Trikoupi Str., Athens

This workshop focusses eco-cosmology as a worldview prevalent in shamanic cultures worldwide. Contemporary shamanisms are embedded in analogous ecological knowledge systems relating always to indigenous cosmologies and ontologies (Kopenawa/Albert 2013). Local shamanisms are commonly understood as value systems based on the one hand on cultures of orality, on the other hand on the non-dualistic perspective on human and non-human agencies in a mutually shared world and cosmos (Descola 1992, (2005) 2013, Viveiro de Castro 1998). Within the process of industrial extraction of natural resources diverse indigenous / analogous communities are deprived of their fundamental human rights for secured livelihood and preserved ecosystems. An industrial neo-colonial intrusion into mineral rich territories of indigenous and analogous peoples takes place worldwide. With the ecological degradation, vulnerable worldviews of indigenous/ analogous communities and their rituals are critically threatened. These worldviews and local knowledge systems however could be a key for finding local and global solutions for a sustainable and philanthropic global world of cultural and eco-biological diversity and mutuality.

The 2-days workshop discusses from anthropological, environmental and study of religions perspective local eco-cosmological shamanic knowledge systems and worldviews. It aims on the one hand at displaying the threatened local ecological knowledge transmitted by shamans; on the other hand the workshop aims at a valuation and recognition of shamanic eco-cosmological solutions for a sustainable world and cosmos.

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