2017 April 27-28th Shamanism and Eco-cosmology – A cross-cultural perspective– This workshop focusses eco-cosmology as a worldview prevalent in shamanic cultures worldwide. Contemporary shamanisms are embedded in analogous ecological knowledge systems relating always to indigenous cosmologies and ontologies

2017 May 15-17th Anthropology of Fright Workshop Headlines around the globe in 2016 – ranging from terrorist attacks to war in Syria, Brexit etc. – were dominated by “frightful” events. For this workshop we would like to focus on fright and fear in a broad sense – not limited to the above-mentioned global events. Taking a distinctive Asian perspective we are interested in the idea of fright: what are sources of fright and fear, how do we encounter them and handle such fears whenever we are confronted with them, when and how are ‘monsters’ produced, what mechanisms are employed to suppress, transform or seek fright? In a comparative and multidisciplinary approach we would like to bring together different but often overlapping contexts of fright.